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Danazol Capsules.

Dose: 50mg, 100mg and 200mg.

Analogs (generics, synonyms).

Danoval, Bonzol, Cyclomen, Danocrine, Danogar, Danokrin, Danol, Danoval, Ladogar, Lodogal.

Active ingredient.

Danazol (Danazolum).

Pharmacological group.

Hormones of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, gonadotropins and their antagonists.

Recipe (International):

Rp .: Danazoli 0.2.

D.t.d. No. 60 in caps.

S. The initial dose is 1 capsule per day, then the dose may be increased.

Pharmacological action of the drug Danazol.

It is an inhibitor of the production of gonadotropic hormones. The drug causes reversible suppression of the production of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone by the pituitary gland in men and women. Danazol does not possess estrogenic and gestagenic activity. The drug has a weak androgenic activity with a concomitant anabolic effect.

Danazol inhibits proliferation and causes atrophy of normal and ectopic endometrial tissue. Reduces the loss of menstrual blood, the mechanism of this action has not been completely established. Inhibits ovulation and reduces plasma levels of 17β-estradiol. It remains unclear whether the inhibition of endometrial proliferation is due to a decrease in estradiol levels or a direct effect of danazol on endometrial estrogen receptors.

After canceling danazol, ovulation usually resumes within 5 weeks, which is accompanied by a characteristic sharp increase in luteinizing hormone and a slight increase in follicle-stimulating hormone.

Method of application.

For adults:

Danazol is administered orally in capsules.

The dose for adults is 200 to 800 mg per day (2-4 divided doses). Doses and terms of treatment are individualized depending on the disease, the effectiveness of therapy, and the tolerability of the drug.

Adolescents with premature puberty are prescribed 100-400 mg per day.

Indications for Danazol.

Endometriosis with concomitant infertility, benign breast neoplasms, primary menorrhagias, premenstrual syndrome, gynecomastia.

Drug contraindications.

Severe violations of the liver and / or kidneys, heart, porphyria, thromboembolic disorders (including a history), androgen-dependent tumors, vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, pregnancy, lactation.

Side effects.

From the endocrine system: amenorrhea, flushing of the face, increased sweating, a decrease in the size of the mammary glands, changes in libido, vaginitis, emotional lability, nervousness, acne, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, slight hirsutism, edema, weight gain, coarsening voices, androgenic alopecia, spermatogenesis disorders.

Possible headache, dizziness, tremors, depression, weakness, sleep disturbances; rarely - a slight increase in intracranial pressure.

Increase or decrease in the number of blood cells.

Hyperglucagonemia, impaired glucose tolerance.

Tachycardia, arterial hypertension. Others: back pain, muscle cramps or cramps; rarely - visual impairment.

Features of treatment with Danazol.

Treatment with danazol requires careful monitoring of patients, especially if they have liver and kidney disease; arterial hypertension and / or other cardiovascular diseases, conditions accompanied by fluid retention; epilepsy; diabetes mellitus; polycythemia; disorders of lipoprotein metabolism; androgenic reactions during previous therapy with sex hormones; migraine.

Treatment with danazol should be discontinued if any adverse event occurs and, in particular, in the following cases:

- virilization (untimely cancellation of danazol increases the risk of developing irreversible androgenic effects);

- edema of the nipple of the optic nerve (symptom of congestive nipple); headache, visual impairment or other signs of increased intracranial pressure;

- jaundice or other indications of serious liver disorders;

- thrombosis or thromboembolism.

If it is necessary to repeat the course of treatment, special care should be taken, since there is currently insufficient data on long-term observation of patients after repeated courses.

In the case of the use of danazol, the danger of long-term exposure to the human body of 17-alkylated steroids, to which it belongs in its chemical structure, should be taken into account, including the development of benign liver adenomas, hepatocellular focal nodular (nodular) hyperplasia, liver peliosis (formation in organ of large blood-filled cavities) and liver carcinoma.

Data from case-control epidemiological studies were pooled to investigate the relationship between endometriosis, treatment of endometriosis, and ovarian cancer. Preliminary results from these studies suggest that danazol may increase the baseline risk of ovarian cancer in patients treated for endometriosis.

With prolonged treatment (6 months) and with repeated courses of treatment, it is recommended to conduct an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and liver (at least 2 times a year).

All patients taking danazol require regular laboratory monitoring, including the determination of indicators of liver function and the composition of peripheral blood.

Before starting treatment, as well as if nodules in the mammary gland persist or increase during treatment with danazol, the presence of hormone-dependent cancer should be excluded, at least through a thorough clinical examination.

Danazol treatment should be started during menstruation. The use of high doses of danazol prevents ovulation. However, ovulation is possible at low doses, so an effective non-hormonal method of contraception should be used while taking the drug.

When used in patients with diabetes mellitus, an increase in the dose of insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents may be required.

When using Danazol, you should always select the lowest effective dose of the drug.

Influence on the ability to drive vehicles and other mechanisms:

Danazol is unlikely to interfere with the ability to drive or engage in other potentially hazardous activities. In the event of undesirable reactions from the organ of vision, vestibular disorders or disorders of the nervous system, one should refrain from driving vehicles, working with mechanisms and other activities that require increased concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.

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